Tadiran Infinity Series

Sleek design

Sleek design of the indoor unit makes it suitable for installation in any room.

      Elegant appearance

A wide range of elegant indoor unit panel, allowing you to select the model that best suits decorating the apartment or office.

      Easy installation and maintenance

Instant maintenance keypad on the front of the unit, providing quick and easy access to the internal components of the compact modular conditioner INFINITY.

      Function "I feel "the temperature sensor

INFINITY series has the function of "I feel ". At the request of users for the determination of the temperature control air conditioning thermostat is made ​​through the indoor unit or the remote control.


Fast and complete fault analysis (malfunction) with a microprocessor.

      Programmable modes

INFINITY provided with five programmable modes is ventilation, cooling, heating, dehumidification and auto mode.
Auto mode - a unique feature with the full cycle installed on cooling and heating as required and in accordance with the program.


This function allows you to turn off the air conditioner and in the most appropriate time.


1. Strainer. Cleans the air of dust, reusable.
2. Carbon filter. Clears the air of particles down to 0.01 micron, bacteria and smoke.
3. Photocatalytic filter - destroys the smell of cigarettes and pets. Restored by the action of sunlight.